10 Little Things You Can Do To Improve Your Practice

This is all about DELIBERATE practice, getting granular, Micro vs Macro. Perfect practice really makes the difference when it comes to performance and using this little hack really worked for me so give it a try. Here's what do :

ind a short passage (one to two bars long) and play through it, focusing on where you are making errors. This could be in the transition from one bar to another, a small Gliss or hand position change. Concentrate on every aspect of movement, set a metronome to a comfortable tempo and play through the two bars until you get a perfect "take"


Line the matchsticks up to your left. Each time you make that perfect pass, move one match to the right. Do this until all the matches have moved. 


If you make ANY sort of error NO MATTER HOW SMALL, you move ALL THE MATCHES back to the left! Do this until all 10 matches have been transported to the right, then move on. 

Here is a link to a fantastic site called Bulletproof Musician Noa Kageyama, it's full of fantastic information tips and Hacks