Stylistic Playing


Example 1. John Leventhal: Country Inspired Jazz

The following example was transcribed from an Interview with Master Songwriter and session Player John Leventhal. For a detailed Explanation on how to create your own ideas in this style click on the link to download Full Transcription 


Example 2. Guthrie Trapp: Country Train Beat

This example shows some Country playing in the style of Guthrie Trapp, inspired by his playing with the Don Kelly band. If you would Like a detailed Description of how to Build your own lines based on some of these ideas go to the online store. Click on Link  and  see how I came up with the solo. Full Transcription


Example 4: Pat Bergeson "Jazzy Blues Example"

Here is a great example of incorporating some very cool Jazz lines into your Blues Playing. Full Transcription 


Example 5: Tom Bukovac Chord Style.

Here I'm playing an example taken from Tom Bukovac trying out his new Jeff Senn Guitar. Full Explanation of this Beautiful chordal style coming up! Full Transcription 



Example 6: Shawn Tubbs Chord Style.

Here is a fantastic example of Nashville Guitarist Shawn Tubbs. Some very Pretty "Hendrix" Type playing with a modern Twist. Full Transcription


Example 8

Here's a Transcription of a Fantastic Solo by Guthrie Trapp. Please visit my Youtube Channel for a Full Breakdown. Download Pdf