Book Layout

Activities: Mapping out natural notes along all six individual strings. A B C D E F G 

Modal Vamps: Create Modal vamps at least 2 but no longer than 4 mins in length.

Improvise: Play through all modes against the vamps ONLY ONE ONE STRING, play through one modal vamp 7 modes 6 strings makes 42 possibilities.

Observations: Things you can do on one string that a piano player can't do at all:



Hanmer-ons/Pull- offs




Attack the string differently.

I Spent HOURS creating modal vamps, some are provided in the book, others I made up once I understood the concept. This really helped Get the sound in my ear and as a by product I learned the notes on the finger board.

Playing Notes on two adjacent strings: Movable Mini Positions.

5 Sets of two adjacent strings.

This gives you the advantages of playing up and down the string AND a Small amount of position Playing.

Experiment!! Using 1, 2, 3 and all four fingers. Look for Patterns!





Here Mick gets you to look at how 2 notes at a time can be seen as Counterpoint, Parallel, Similar, Contrary, Oblique.

Mapping them out on adjacent strings, using the already created vamps. Here we learn all about how intervals sound.